Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration (NUS)
The increasing use of arbitration and other dispute resolution mechanisms means that more professionals will be called upon to act as arbitrators. Conducting arbitration properly necessarily assumes that the arbitrator understands the law supporting the process, the procedures that he is required to follow and the powers he is expected to exercise. While many lawyers are familiar with court procedures and the judicial process, few are familiar with the arbitral process. Non-lawyers have an even greater challenge when hearing disputes where parties are represented by lawyers in the arbitration.

This course is designed for both lawyers and non-lawyers who wish to be involved in the practice of arbitration viz. acting as arbitrators. Students will be taught the basics of the law of contract, tort and evidence, the law and practice of arbitration and will receive training in drafting directions, orders and the arbitral award.

On successful completion of the course, the candidate will be awarded the Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration. They will then be exempted from all the entry examinations viz. Parts I, II and III of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators [CIArb] and the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators [SIArb] for admission as Fellows. Candidates may thereafter complete the pupilage programme of the CIArb to gain further recognition as a 'Chartered Arbitrator'.

As this course is conducted by NUS, please visit the NUS website HERE and contact them directly for enquiries.

The Fellowship Assessment Course (FAC) consists of a two-full day programme which covers Modules 2, 3, 4 & 5 with topics such as: institution arbitration and ad-hoc arbitration, arbitration agreement, appointment of arbitrator, the UNCITRAL model law, roles of tribunal and parties, procedures for arbitration, drafting of directions, hearing, procedures for arbitration and drafting of Award. Non-legally trained candidates are required to undertake Module 1 which covers topics related to Laws of Contract, Tort and Evidence.

To complete the Fellowship Assessment Course successfully, candidates are required to achieve 100% attendance and pass assessments of Modules 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Lawyers are exempted from completing Module 1. This is an Open Book Examination and candidates may bring into the examination hall any books or documents deemed relevant. Successful completion of the course modules and the Award Writing Examination will be deemed to be equivalent of passing the corresponding requirements for Fellowship of SIArb provided that candidates are aged at least 35 years old at the time of application. Subject to other admission criteria, successful completion of the Award Writing Examination will qualify members of the Law Society of Singapore to be admitted to the Panel of Arbitrators of the Law Society Arbitration Scheme.

International Entry Course (IEC) is a two and a half-day programme, comprises of a taught course and concludes with a written examination at the end.

The Course covers subjects including Arbitration Agreements, Appointment of Arbitrators, Preliminary Meetings, Pleadings, Powers and Jurisdiction of Arbitrators, Arbitration Procedure, Awards, Costs, International Arbitrations.

Candidates who pass the Course may, subject to satisfying other relevant criteria, qualify for admission as:
- Member of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators (MSIArb)


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